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Axial Ball Pin
Ball joint purlins are delivered as finished products. Products forged with hot forging line are sent to heat treatment. Additional operations such as allen, key blade, gupilya can be performed on the product, and thread cutting and spherical polishing processes can be performed by rubbing. We have suppliers available in many processes such as induction, Nitrox.
Long Ball Pin
We produce high-strength tie rod shafts with the patented cold forming method. We achieve high quality with technologies such as automation support and straightening machine. We support many coatings such as Cataphoresis, Hydrogen Removal, Cr3, Delta Protect with our suppliers.
Z Rot
We produce high-capacity Z-Rot for the most cost-effective and automation systems. We support Allen, key blade and many more operations. We have suppliers that we work actively with 3M and many coatings.

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