Metem Automotive Co.Ltd. It was established on 19.09.2004 in Istanbul Dudullu. The company, which started its operations with two rubbing machines, developed in a short time and expanded its capacity and machine park, and became able to perform operations such as CNC machining, Polygon opening, Allen, Gupilya in-house. The company moved to its new facility with a closed area of 1,500m2 in Çorlu at the end of 2005, first increasing its CNC machining capacity and finally commissioning its fully automatic hot forging facility. In the process until 2021, he realized many projects such as tie rod line, IATF certification, robot projects. It moved to its own place in 2021.

Our Corporate Responsibility Policy

Moving to Çorlu
Moving to New Area
ISO Certification
Establishment of Tie Rod Line
IATF Certification
First Export
Moving to Own Place
Metem Automotive Industry. Trade and A.S. we are active as; Within the scope of AUTOMOTIVED SPARE PARTS MANUFACTURING. Based on current situation analysis (internal and external context), related party needs and expectations, risk analyzes and customer satisfaction, to identify changing demands and needs in a timely manner, to respond quickly to demands, to realize and deliver projects on time, to provide quality and timely products / services and competitiveness. to offer reasonable prices, to follow and effectively use high technology in order to maintain customer satisfaction, to adopt the understanding that all personnel are responsible for quality, and therefore to place quality awareness in all personnel, to provide training to improve their knowledge and skills, to act in accordance with the system and to encourage creativity for continuous improvement It is our quality policy to ensure the happiness and motivation of the personnel, to adopt the understanding of continuous improvement of the system through the evaluation of the measurable, Quality Targets based on the performance indicators of the processes defined in the system. In this direction, Metem Otomotiv San. Trade and A.S. We undertake that we will set our Quality Targets (F-169), review our targets continuously and share this policy with all our stakeholders.